Welcome to the open road.

At Wilcox Technologies, we not only support open-source software and development, we actively contribute. Open-source projects are at the heart of Wilcox Technologies.

Powered by FOSS.

Our servers are powered by KVM. Our Web sites run on Django and Rails. And we don't just run open-source; we contribute to it, too.

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Open Innovation.

We believe that the open-source community can make our projects truly shine above the rest. That's why we have taken some of our internal tools and released them as open-source.

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Quality, not quantity.

We have more exciting things waiting to be released. Why not release them now? We want to be sure that the community receives only the best projects and ideas.

Public Access.

Need a place to learn more about how to use Unix? Want to play around with porting your open-source project to a new platform? Stay tuned.